Many blogger-buddies (many well over four feet) regularly write an entry titled ’12 on 12″ in which they post twelve photos (true!) along with a short description for each shot. These are marvelous and I continually vow to do one of my own. Alas, Babylon! This never works. Perhaps if I start with a mere ‘six on six’this may get into my muscle memory enough in time to graduate to the big people’s table.  Spo

NCA portrait

Here is Urs Truly in proper office attire ready to shrink heads or knock ones together.

Harper 8

This is Harper’s most frequent position and look. It means I am starving and I haven’t had a treat in over an hour. I am sooo deprived.


It’s July and it’s hot as hades here in PHX. Step carefully the sandworms are out in droves.

Alexander Keith

Usually at this time of year we are in the Toronto area. This is one of my favorite beers, forever associated with Canada in summer.  No Canada and no Alexander Keith beer either, worse luck.

Rolling down grass hills.

Rolling down grass hills remains one of life’s best pleasures; go thou and do likewise.

Always doThis quotation is framed and sitting in my office. It is the heart of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy viz. rather than avoiding fears address them.