Late June to mid-July is the hottest time of the year around these parts. Today it got to 44C ( 112F or something) which is too hot to do anything really. It’s certainly too hot to go out and there is covid19 matter too boot. It’s best to stay home. The pool isn’t helpful for the water is that of bathwater. Poor Harper. She is used to 2x day walks with the second one after dinner. Now it is too hot we have to wait until nightfall and sometimes not go at all.

To pass the time away Someone and I have learned a few card games. We are now playing whist and spades which are similar enough I have to remind myself which rules apply to the game at hand. We also got out Someone’s backgammon briefcase and I learned how to play. I am not generally good a games for I lack a head for strategy but I like to play. There is an exception: I am good at playing Sorry! We play a version where each player holds five cards from which to build moves.  

This weekend we had a couple of fine chinwags brought to us by the good folks at zoom. Our gossips were fine fellows all well over four feet. I discovered a few of them lack proper masks viz. bereft of fashion.  This will not do. To rescue them from dullness I made these:


Around these parts it is dreadful to out in last months styles so while I was at it I made me a mask using Escher fabric:

The fish side makes me look like a sushi chef while the gooses side does not. 

This evening we prepare for our pending three day journey through hostile Texas and Oklahoma territories to drive to Michigan for Mother’s memorial service. It is hoped it won’t be so hot there – I would love to see a proper thunderstorm along the way!

I will have literally hours per day in the car to ponder proper posts so tune this week to see what happens.