Going through the accordion files brought back from Michigan I found my undergraduate diploma. I’ve long wondered what happened to it; long ago I gave it up as lost. Bless you Mother for these saving things. It’s fascinating to see what is in these files. Here’s a short list:

Photos of Urs Truly from day one up to adolescence. 

My report cards, year books, and graduation programs from grade school through med school. 

An envelope with some of my baby teeth.

It is a minor miracle I managed to survive let along turn out OK given some of my grade school report cards:

“Spo tunes out if possible and consequently does a hit and miss directions in his workbook. I am trying to stress with him the importance of listening and reading directions.”

This shows my humming bird brain isn’t a consequence of brain damage from the year of my internship but was there from the get-go. 

The grade school gym teacher Mrs. Mougk wrote:

“He doesn’t seem interested in team sports the only time I’ve seen him become excited was when we learned flag marches”. 

No kidding lady!  It is amazing how things are so obvious in hindsight. 

It will take weeks to sort through all these treasures putting them in order. It is uncertain what to do with all of this old data. Do I really need to keep all these old report cards and yearbooks?

One thing is certain: I will frame the UG diploma and hang it on the wall among the others. After hanging it I will reflect upon my fourth grade report cards and perhaps wave a flag while I march about the office.