Before covid19 my job got me up from the chair every 15 minutes to escort  folks to and from the waiting room. I got a lot of steps in this way. After work it was off to the gym which I did regularly. It was March when I was last there. Now I sit all day doing zoom/phone appointments. You know where this is going: I am out of shape and very much so. The only exercise I get is walking the dog which hardly counts given their staccato leisurely pace. The bathroom scale says I haven’t gained too much weight compared to January but I know better. I’ve lost muscle mass and it has been replaced by fat – mostly in the midriff making all my trousers snug if not impossible to wear. Oh the horror; oh the embarrassment! I hate how I look: a beachball on stilts. I am avoiding certain blogs known for their photos of dudes in excellent shape as they  evoke sorrow not pleasure to see them.

What I need to do is find some sort of home exercise for cardio-health and for weight loss – and stop eating so damn much. This resolution comes at the worst time of the year viz. the ardent heat of August. Going out of doors to do anything let alone exercise is a dangerous endeavor unless done in the early morning hours.*

Other variables are what to do and when to do them.** There isn’t much space/room at La Casa de Spo in which to do exercises. Sometimes when out walking the dog we see folks in their open garages bench-pressing or jumping-about. Alas Babylon! Our garage is full up with no space to pretend I’m Richard Simmons. 

I need to research what is most efficacious program under such circumstances. None of this is impossible it is just difficult. “Getting started” is the worse part as it reveals how out of shape I really am and all the losses since March time. 

Someone has a pile of clothes to donate; they don’t fit him anymore. I took back two berms that barely fit me. I hope to use them as goals. 


*A couple of friends of mine routinely rise at 4AM to bicycle at least twenty miles. They are trim and buff. They regularly post this on Facebook. They are also retired; they go back to sleep afterwards to estivate in the 40C-plus sunrise.  Stirges. 

**I dislike exercising in the morning preferring ‘right after work’ circa 5-6PM but the house is 30C at that time. This is more likely to bring on a heart attack than health benefits.