Coffee:  My pal Raven (the dear!) sent me a parcel of coffee from the faraway kingdom of Cincinnati Ohio. It is called “Raven’s blend” (hohoho) and I am drinking some right now. It’s delicious and I am drinking it with relish.  I feel sorry though for the poor birdies that got blended into the grounds.

Lefties:  Today August 13 is International Left-handers day. When I encounter another lefty I say “you’re left-handed? Only the best baby!” and raise my left hand either in a fist or thumb up in solidarity.  Someone was probably left-handed but he was forced to become right-handed. These kind of stories make me cringe; it sounds like ‘conversion therapy”. I am predominantly left-handed but there are certain things I do with my right hand, such as signing in ASL (American sign language). I can write right-handed in a pinch. A perk of being left-handed is the ability to write with the left hand while the right hand manipulates the mouse.  None of my brothers are left-handed, nor are my parents.  I get to be special yet again.

Meteors:  Last night was The Perseid shower and I missed it again. Every year I stay up late with a set of binoculars hoping to see the meteors. No such luck. I woke this morning at 430AM  to have another look-see and dammit it was cloudy! First time for such in weeks!  What a disappointment. My hope to see the Perseid meteor shower resembles Linus’ belief in The Great Pumpkin. Oh well there is next year when I am sure to finally see it.

Migraines:  I am having a surge of auras which I haven’t had in ages. They consist of sudden blurred vision patches usually in the shape of a croissant located in the peripheral vision. They shimmer like sunshine on choppy waters.  If I was living in the Middle Ages I would think I was having mystical visitations from Heaven or torments from the fairy folk you take your pick.  I find them merely pesky. As soon as I get one I pop a Tylenol and that seems enough to prevent them from becoming fulminant migraines.