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Every morning (more or less) I listen to a handful of podcasts each a few minutes long geared towards ‘starting your day’ as it were. ‘The Daily Stoic’ conveys some philosophy; ‘Word of the day’ provides the definition and history of some word I can use that day to drive people to distraction. “Before Breakfast” is geared to time management. This mornings tidbit was titled ‘Note what you don’t miss”. It asked us to focus for a moment not on the things we miss in the pandemic but the things we don’t miss. Upon realizing these we can make notes when things are relatively back to normal we won’t pick these items up again out of unconscious habit to do them.

It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good. While I wouldn’t wish what’s happening on the world it comes with some benefits along the line of ‘Note what you don’t miss”.

For your amusement here are a few of mine.

Pharmaceutical Representatives.  These intrepid types were continually dropping by my in-office work days hoping to talk to me and give out samples and lavish me with luncheons on the grounds this gets me to use their product. After The Other Doctor left the practice in spring I was ready to announce the end of these sorts of shenanigans – then covid19 came along and did it for me. As I work from home and see no one face-to-face there are no samples to give out nor reps to see. I am doing a fine job shrinking heads and pushing pills without them thank you very much and see no reason to return to the status quo. I do wonder how the industry is faring although I suspect they are doing just fine.  I feel sorry for the reps who are probably out of their jobs now.

Theatre.  When I am honest with myself I realize I don’t miss live theatre too much.  It is time consuming to dress up and go downtown and sit in a seat for a few hours listening to the symphony or watching a production of Shakespeare for the umpteenth time.  Don’t get me wrong when live theatre comes back I will return but  probably not as much as before. This year I have read thirty books which surpasses all I read in 2017, 2018, and 2019 combined. Sitting at home in the evening reading is quite pleasant and this is worth keeping going.

Costco. Even under the best of circumstances a trip to Costco was an awful endeavor not unlike Odysseus’ descent to Hades with similar encounters of wraiths and dead people.  There are also screaming running amok children and a lot of pushing and waiting in line. We’ve managed to get all grocery items via the supermarket. It probably costs more but we’ve saved a fortune in gasoline not driving to work/theatre/Costco etc.  One exception: I do miss their ready-to-eat chickens which I think they smear with addictive substances. On the other hand I’ve learned to cook chicken dinners on my own so it isn’t too much of a loss.

Snowbirds.  This is possible future ‘note what you don’t miss’ item. Around mid-October they descend into town from faraway places like Alberta, British Columbia, and the Midwest. Snowbirds I am told are ‘good for the economy’ but they resemble Canadian geese more than mockingbirds. They create traffic jams and remonstrate loudly in grocery stores.  I suspect many species aren’t coming as they cannot cross the border or would have nothing to do once here. The theatres and shows are closed and they probably can’t go out to eat so they might as well stay put.

Yes, this is nice things to take note I don’t miss.

Too bad I can’t cancel the snowbirds like the Costco subscription.

Spo-fans: what don’t you miss?  



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