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The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections has mixed feelings about entries with Jungian Psychology. They like the Dungeons & Dragons elements (after all they belong to that lot) but the psychobabble bores the pants off of them. * I’ve been reflecting upon Forgotten Gods ever since Someone and I heard Mr. Gaiman’s “American Gods”. The gimmick of this TGR (thumping good read) is people from all over the world brought their gods to North America and these divine beings are still mucking about often living in shoddy conditions and holding lackluster jobs. What they have in common is they miss being worshipped. Most of them would be happy with merely being remembered.

History is strewn with countless gods and goddesses nearly all of them forgotten. It’s funny to think of gods as capable of dying but they do; equally funny is the notion new ones get born. Indeed in Mr. Gaiman’s book the old gods are at war with the new gods of The Media and The Internet.

Gods carry archetypal energy. They act like stencils. Mother goddess energy stays the same but shows its form in many ways. This concept is nicely reflected in Mr. Campbell’s seminal book titled “The Hero with a thousand faces”.

The gods need us and we need them. Without their numinous libido Life is colorless. We may delight at smashing the idols as pagan and antiquated but then we create new ones –  we can’t help it. As an aside the current crop of deities is a sorry lot full of safe black/white principals and pushed out Shadow parts (on the horror!). They do not suffice. It is no surprise to the Jungians people seem drawn to returning to more ancient forms of gods with their wild and dark sides to fulfill our psyches.

On a less lofty level the concept of Forgotten Gods strikes a universal chord we want to be remembered. Whether god or human we don’t want to disappear. Truth is the vast majority of mankind is forgotten within a few generations only to be remembered (if at all) as abstract names and dates on tombstones and in genealogy records. Many cultures in the east have a Remembrance Day for honoring and remembering the ancestors (our All Souls Days and Memorial Days don’t do much I fear and Day of the Dead is more a party now than a day of recalling the dead). Even the gods can not stop becoming extinct.

While we are alive it is best to be in touch with god/goddess energy and live life to the fullest always going towards apotheosis so when we die and are forgotten we go knowing we have had a marvelous journey while it lasted.



*That is if they were wearing any pants. They wear what looks like kilts that have seen better days and no I don’t know what they wear underneath them. Last year as a Yule gift I sent them all some Mack Weldons but who knows if these were actually worn or were they exchanged for matching tiki-glasses that decorated Heorot Johnsons soon afterwards.


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