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Last week was a storm in which there was damage. Some of La Casa de Spo roof tiles came off when the backyard mesquite tree suffered a might blow something out of ‘All my sons”. Someone called the insurance company, the tree surgeon, and a few others who like being called about this sort of thing.  The tree surgeon with his entourage arrive tomorrow and not a moment too soon. The tree which was at a ‘V” is now more like an obtuse angle with the north trunk slowly falling into the cement pond. Our pool boy will be glad: he’s many times remonstrated for us to chop the thing down as it makes messes into the pool. The south trunk, the one responsible for taking down the roof tiles, should get quite a buzz cut and I am pleased as Punch.

The downside of being rid of these ominous-hanging branches is there will be nothing to hide the backyard from the view of the next door neighbor from the second floor. Someone is worried they could see our comings and goings into the cement pond, in which I seldom wear swimming trunks having mislaid them many months ago. If the neighbors are so keen to see my out-of-shape nearly sixty physique I say let’em. I doubt they are going to call the cops as the first question to ask the police showing up with complaints of indecorous behavior would be ‘How do they know?” 

For prudence sake Someone thinks I should go sky-clad now only at night and not during a full moon (the proper one or mine?)  The possibility of shocking the neighbors with my swimming shenanigans is quickly dwindling as the pool is already cooling down and soon it won’t be wanted. By the time things heat up again next spring the tree will probably have grown large enough to provide discreet coverage again. I just remembered in the spring the tree produces buckets of fluorescent yellow pollen most of which ends up in the pool or up my nose so good riddance to it; I hope the tree surgeon leaves nothing behind but a stump. This may be worth the price of rewearing bathing drawers provided I remember where they may be. 

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