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Yesterday the car’s starboard bow tire had a puncture and needed immediate repair so we spent the morning visiting Mr. Firestone. We had to day Saturday morning’s there’s-work-to-be-done tasks until today. As a consequence Sunday feels like Saturday further blurring the days even more if that’s possible.

Here is the ‘after’ photo of the cement pond. Using it now I feel quite exposed to the elements and to the neighbors. The evening pool light lights up the backyard like a Carnival cruise ship seen from miles away on a clear night.  I wonder if the new set-up will discourage Jenny Greenteeth from pulling us down to our doom in the dark. I find out this evening.


Behold the new fall collection of Spo-masks as this ain’t over. I cannot go out in last season’s lest there is talk.

Today I plan to make yet another new recipe for chili in my never ending pursuit of finding the proper one. This one is from Gourmet or Bon Appetit or one of that sort. The recipe looks like it will make enough to feed an emerging new nation so I’m making room in the freezer next to Walt Disney.  I must remember to label this as these things always end up as a mysterious block of frozen Tupperware buried beneath the frozen pizzas unable to  be identified as to what it is and how long it has been there.

I am also going to make some seaonal spiced bourbon. This involves heating in a sauce pan some sliced apples with unfiltered apple juice along with a vanilla bean, whole cloves, and a cinnamon stick. After it cools down bourbon is added and all goes into the fridge for a few days. The brew is strained and served over ice with Vernors (no rubbish).  In this recipe one does not use ‘quality’ bourbon not unlike adjuring the Pol Roger for the mimosas  As the Spo-collection of whisky has no such liquor this involved me going to Total Wine. Stephan* was taken aback to find me lurking about the cheap stuff. I explained my situation and I wanted some bourbon rubbish no quality. Without thinking he pulled down a rawther large plastic container resembling a two-liter Diet Squirt bottle. It certainly was a bargain. I am told any leftovers can act in a pinch as hand sanitizer or towards removing stubborn stains from pots. Wish me luck.



*Monsieur S is a sommelier from a small town in The Loire Valley of France.  He’s introduced me to several French wines I would have never known otherwise. He’s a friendly knowledgeable fellow well over four feet. I cannot tell you if he is handsome as I’ve yet to see his face.

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