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As is my wont on the Monday night of Labor Day I got out and put up the fall decorations hoping this encourages the onset of autumn. The highs remains about 40C but there are hints of lows about 20C this week. This will feel positively Arctic and quite welcome. I like all that autumn brings especially the seasonal cuisine consisting of apples (no rubbishy ones), squash dishes, and hearty soups.  Seasoned Spo-fans know I get seasonal affective disorder (SAD) at this time of year. It doesn’t always happen; it varies from year to year. Like the flu season there isn’t any rhyme or reason to it. Curiously this year I am not feeling any. Maybe this is due to six months of covid19 consequences making a sort of SAD to start. Another factor to the no-show SAD maybe there is no sense of Time passing. My brain cannot determine it’s that time of year to become melancholy.

My Labor Day weekend was industrious. I got a lot of yard and housework accomplished. What I didn’t do was return to the gym. It opened with much fanfare and advertised as safe. I’ve tried going a few times and each time I encounter people wearing their masks below their noses or not at all despite signs everywhere telling them otherwise. I complained to the staff but this did no good: I see they are not policing the policy  so people are doing what they want. So I left. This is a disappointment as I was looking forward to exercise after 6 months hiatus. I have never been so out of shape.

I look forward to tomorrow’s work week somewhat as it will be a short one but they real reason is there are rumors our favorite bar reopens this weekend. I’ve not made a Spo-shirt in six months as there is nowhere to go to show it off and now I can. I think thems at the bar will do a better job setting rules and boundaries but how on earth does one drink through a mask? I wonder if one punches a hole through the mask for a straw.  This would negate the efficacy but it sounds amusing to consider. 




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