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For some days now I’ve been staring at the blank screen waiting for The Muses (or somebody like them) to show up with something to write.  No such luck.  Perhaps I am being punished for something I bungled.  A more dark interpretation of writer’s block is it is a safety measure sent by the gods (or demi-gods) as a merciful means to get me shut up and don’t write foolishly or worse  – badly.

For the past six months I have been writing from home but this is about to change. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections announced on Monday they have reopened Heorot Johnsons for minions like me to return working there. They posted strict return-to-work rules. Staff, guests, and thralls must all wear masks and keep 6ft distance. These are easily accomplished as TBDHSR are often masked when the go a-viking to shield their Nordic noses from the smoke of burning buildings. The six feet away rule is even easier as their unwashed torsos act as a natural barrier against too close contact.

I went there yesterday to find my little writing cell hasn’t been cleaned in six months (no surprise) although there are signs someone has been using the cubicle as evidenced by the rubbish bin overflowing with severed fingers and BK Whopper Jr wrapping papers.  Slater-Wotan tells me they plan on hiring a char. He grumbled there are several carcasses of Slavs out by the recyclables but the dustman won’t touch them. It seems there are a some new folks running bezerk about the place but I can’t get anyone to confirm any change in staff. People come and go so quickly here which is strange as archetypes are forever.

Today is Wednesday. I am not at Heorot Johnsons but at La Casa de Spo. For the first time in six months it is cooler outside than in. This morning when we returned from our morning dog-walk the inside air felt fusty and had a redolence of Heorot-Johnsons with fewer dead things. We opened the doors and got the floor fans blowing trying to freshen up the air a bit.  Perhaps this windy remedy would help at HJ’s. It would take a wind of Aeolus to blow out that morass.  Let’s hope those crazy covid19-negative Norseman hire that char woman soon. I still want to know who has been sneaking out to the Burger King drive-through all these months.

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