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Today would have been my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary. This morning in my daily phone call to Father he stated he misses her. In fifty years the number of times he’s expressed his feelings can be counted on two hands. It is comforting and a tad startling to hear such. It’s as if two quiet old aunts having their coffee suddenly grabbed each other and started wrestling on the living room floor. 10 September is also the birthday of his namesake grandson, my nephew #3 Posthumous Tommy . The family is having some sort of kiddie party for the one and a snort in honor of Mother for the other.

There are a lot of ‘double dates’ in my family for birthdays, deathdays and other events. Uncle David and SIL #4 share a birthday, as do Uncle Ed and SIL #2. I share a birthday with Cousin Brian. Brother and SIL Set #3 married on Father’s birthday. There are a lot more of these; it makes things a bit easier when it comes to remembering when to purchase birthday cards and such.

Someone often asks whom I am calling. “Oh, today is so-and-so’s birthday” I reply. He finds my memory for family event days as startling as impromptu aunt wrestling. I do try to keep track of these things but it is no small feat as the family tree is many-branched and loaded with fruit (both the sweet and the sour). Every year at Christmas Brother #3 releases a family calendar with such information in it. This helps with some of harder to remember event days particularly the ‘odd ones’ not paired with another.*

I try to remember friends’ birthdays too although this is spotty. I rely too much on Facebook to announce these feast days. I prefer phone calls to a quick and impersonal Facebook comment (although I do both).  Birthday cards are a mixed bag for me. They are more personal but they require careful planning and finding where on earth are the postage stamps. We often don’t have any. Once upon a time stamps were a regular bought commodity like eggs, milk, and nasty chips but no more.

This month I remembered to put a birthday card in the post in time for Nephew #3’s birthday. I slipped in some money in the card as I have no clue what little boys like for their birthdays other than no clothes. I thought of giving a drum set but Brother #3 would be livid and he would move the family event days about in the 2021 family calendar and then where would I be.


*I can never remember Brother #4’s birthday which is circa May 20. No memory trick has helped.

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