There is a sub-set category of Spo-shirts called ‘The Yoke” Collection’. They are plain-colored garments (if you want to call bright primary colors ‘plain’) with quilted yokes and pockets. The yokes are made from scraps of previous projects; they are an encyclopedia of my industry. I can look at them and remember what shirt or quilt was made for whom.

Last March I started a purple one only to put it away in a drawer for six months to focus on making masks.

Yesterday I finally finished it:

It turned out well – but there are two problems:

#1 – All dressed up and nowhere to go! I debut a new shirt at ‘Happy Hour’ or while on holiday. I make an ingress while channeling my inner-Musetta only to make everyone turn their heads my way and be mad-jealous by my ensemble which of course never happens. I should put it away for the time it is safe to go somewhere.

#2 – Dammit it doesn’t fit well! My present physique is nothing like it was last March.Oh the embarrassment! Oh the shame! It needs a lot of work before I feel comfortable wearing it.


For newer Spo-fans, here are photos of the previous Yoke shirts.