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# 5 – The Inn at the edge of the world

Why: It introduced me to one of my favorite authors and a contemporary one at that. 

I sorely miss the “A Common Reader” a book catalog I regularly read in the 90s. ACR was like The Scholastic book club for adults and just as exciting. The editors were crackers for books, always looking for the ones they called ‘Thumping good reads”. Nothing they recommended fell flat. An author they adored was the late Alice Thomas Ellis. I gave her novel ‘The Inn at the end of the world’ a try and I became an immediate ATE acolyte.

Alice Thomas Ellis wrote pithy humorous novels full of disagreeable persons combined with the uncanny and supernatural.  The adjectives most used when describing her writing are ‘wry’, ‘dry’, ‘acerbic’, and ‘razor-sharp’.  Her ‘Home life” series were whimsical descriptions of her daily doings and thoughts. In them she calls her children “the first son’ and ‘the second son’ and so on and her spouse is called Someone. Yes, my spouse’s name in my own writing is a homage to her. I often try to emulate her style.  

The main point of today’s entry isn’t so much to recommend this book or the author  although that would be nice as I think many of you would enjoy it  but to use this book as an example of the joy in discovering a contemporary author whose work you adore and makes you want to read everything they do. 

What is a favorite contemporary obscure author you adore? 

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