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Spo-fans have asked the whereabouts of The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections. I’ve not heard a peep out them for the past few weeks – up to no good that’s certain.  Last time they went quiet they were plotting to blow up the administration building on Hy-Brasil. Happily the place doe not exist so there was no harm done. Last night I sent them an email (they don’t text) wanting to know their welfare. Walter Cnut Fafner replied they are pleased as Punch by the ‘Books that changed my life series’ and they hope I will do similar series in the future especially if they involve blowing up buildings, administrative-type or otherwise. I said I will try. 

WCF wrote they have been consulting with The Muses (or somebody like them) about starting a podcast. They’ve read of about such in my entries and did some research and came to the conclusion this would be jolly good fun. They are rather coy about what the proposed podcast would be about. I despise podcasts consisting of a group of people having a chinwag with no real goal – I get enough of that at the board meetings.*  They have no interest in politics or philosophy and their advice on love and dating has a lot to be desired.  What they do have is a computer, a microphone, and the delusion what they are saying is worth listening to. They figure they can combine the popular genera of ‘true crime’ with comedy to make a sort of stand-up routine while they reminisce on their more bloody battles. They are quite keen on the idea.

I will let you know if the blog is shut down and replaced by “Norse Code’ the podcast ramblings of mead-soaked meatheads talking rubbish. They promise I will be a regular guest provided I don’t correct their grammar as I do in the board meetings. They hate that. 


*Bjorn keeps all the minutes, which go back to The Time of Legends. These are near illegible and almost completely incoherent. Herbert plans on putting them on microfilm but the moon will go blue with cold before this is realized. 

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