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Thank you everybody for your kind words of support in yesterday’s entry. Sometimes I am lost for words – but that’s OK as I am constantly learning new ones!  Seasoned Spo-fans know I collect fancy and fustian words like some collect seashells or cruet sets. Getting grandiloquent words to stay put in my pumpkin requires practice.  Friends and loved ones soon spot I am trying out a new word as it will appear several times in a conversation.

Here’s a handful I am trying to get into my muscle memory, many apropos for the times:

Bonzer – [adj]: first rate.  Bonzer replaces ‘cool!” in my vocabulary.  It spits out well.

Butyraceous – [adj]:  something having the characteristics of butter, either in taste or texture. It is also good as a fancy word for ‘buttering me up”.   “I am rawther tired of his butyraceous phone calls to get me to donate money to his campaign.”

Clyster –  [noun]: an old fashioned word for an enema. It was once a popular word starting in the late Middle Ages and I think it is worth reviving. It is less vulgar than saying: “Well that was a f-ck up!”   “What a clyster THAT was!”

Eidolism – [noun]: the belief ghosts a real. It is quite timely for Halloween.

Embonpoint – [adj]: plumb, or perhaps a bit more than that. It is better than saying  one is “Rubenesque” or a “Jabba the Hutt”.

Fudgel – [verb]:  Someone recently took a job at the city working as a temp handling calls about the election. He is a good worker and he has good work ethics.  His fellow temp workers? – not so much. To fudgel is “pretending to work when you’re not actually doing anything at all.”

Myrmidon – [noun]: A person or group of people who follow and obey a powerful person or authority even when this means doing bad.

Hot puppies! What a fabulous word!  I use it around certain people as it is spot-on accurate and there is an element of mirth as they cannot tell if this a compliment or an insult and they daren’t ask ‘what does myrmidon mean?’ Better yet they pretend they do know. “Damn proud too!” What does myrmidon mean? they don’t respond well.

Pixilated – [adj]:  to be mildly tipsy in a whimsical way.  It’s a stage below being just plain stinko or nimptopsical another jolly word for consuming dry Manhattans with lemon twist no rubbish.

Ructions  – [noun]: A riotous disturbance; a noisy quarrel.  I recently read the very funny book  “The good soldier Svejk”, a satire on WWI. This nitwit private often informs his superior officers “Begging your pardon, sir, but if that happens there will be ructions”.

Schnapsidee – [noun]: a German word for a brilliant idea or scheme realized when pixilated  – but later on in more sober moments it doesn’t look that good anymore.

Sisu –  [noun]: an extraordinary determination in the face of extreme adversity, and courage that is presented typically in situations where success is unlikely. It expresses itself in taking action against the odds, and displaying courage and resoluteness in the face of adversity; in other words, deciding on a course of action, and then adhering to it even if repeated failures ensue.  Bonzer!

Troglobite  – [noun]: a cave dwelling animal that never sees daylight.  Another word apropos for the times.

Wasuremono – [noun]. This is a Japanese word.  It literally means a lost object, but there are implications the lost object keeps being lost but it seems damned determined to stay that way.  I wonder if Japan has an equivalent of The Cup Fairies and The Car key Gnomes.

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