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I am attempting to grow avocado trees from seed on the logic of ‘why not?’. One of my blogger buddies is doing this; she inspired me to try it myself. Three pits are now suspended over mason jars filled with water. They are held up by toothpicks with their bottoms just touching the water surface. It’s about ten days out: so far I don’t see much action. One of them seems to have a little teat that wasn’t there last time I looked so perhaps I am impatient. I’ve not done this before so I don’t know the timeline on these matters. It is hoped at least one of them makes it to the become tall enough to produce fruit. This is probably not worth my while as Uncle Albertsons has heaps. They run out of toilet paper and sanitary wipes but there is no lack of avocados. I think they come from Mexico some time of the year and from California the other times. A pile of them is what you first see when you walk into the store; it is as high as Fafner’s hoard and usually next to a pile of (nasty hothouse) tomatoes.

I am also trying to grow some palms. The established trees and bushes have pullulated aplenty and there are lots of seeds about the place the size and shape of M&Ms the peanut sort. This is another ‘why bother’ as palms are ubiquitous; one can buy them at Home Depot for next to nothing. In pinch one can dig up the small ones that are everywhere.

Succulents are cheeky things determined like weeds to be every where but where they are wanted.  In the front yard a small cactus of unknown species (and origin) has burst forth I should dig it up and move it before it gets too ponderous. The opuntia found growing on the rooftop is now transported to a clay pot on the back porch and seems content in its new abode.

The backyard prickly pear is out of control. It outgrew its rectangular container years ago and became so menacing it had to be hauled out of harms way. Its prickers are small and quite painful and almost impossible to extract from flesh or clothing.  To be rid of it I thought to set it on fire as the yard men won’t touch it to haul it away to wherever place one takes reprobate landscaping.  It would be nice to plant the avocado trees in the yard if they should survive to do so.  Surrounded by carnivorous cacti  I sense they won’t stand a chance.

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