After a night of uncomfortable dreams of being lost and having no direction I woke to write this. I thought about not publishing it for this was mostly an exercise to settle down the dream work. I decided to post it, as perhaps others might relate.   Spo

I am looking forward to a lavish Halloween dinner (for two) and this Christmas has the pleasure of putting up a tree* with the 13 Yule lads ornaments I received in July as a birthday prize. Apart from these two pleasantries I don’t have anything to look forward to.  This is not good as it translates to stagnation. I have a steady job and weekly mundane tasks to do; there is work to be done. What is lacking are life goals. There is no personal growth happening at the moment.  Not good. 

“Those who have a ‘why’ to live can bear with almost any ‘how’” wrote Mr. Frankl in his memoir “Man’s search for meaning”. He was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp; he write he managed to survive be he felt his life had purpose. 

Mr. Dostoyevsky wrote something similar: “The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive but in finding something to live for”.

Freudian psychology is overall a gloomy pessimistic psychology ; Jungian psychology has the notion of personal growth leading to Meaning and a Life with sense – if you will do it. Jungians are keen on finding purpose to Life. To live without is sad for those who are unconscious but it is downright tragic for those who are conscious. Inner wholeness and peace comes from an understanding of where one is going.  

At the moment many have no vision of where they are going. Between covid19 and politics Life has a lot of uncertainty. Life has always been and will always be uncertain but in a pandemic or looming loss of civility this axiom is more obvious. Covid19 has us with the tedious task of waiting an uncertain length of time. Meanwhile I need to work on finding something to live for.  I have lost purpose and I need to find some.



*We did no put up a tree in 2019 as we traveled to Michigan for Mother’s last Christmas.