Right after I wrote that entry on procrastination I did so for a couple of days. In my defense I’ve been up to my oxters with work. The Bosses, horrified there were some open spots on my roster this week, put any Tom, Dick, or Stanley they could find onto my dance card. Thanks guys.

On the topic of procrastination:  In the home office on the counter top to my right sits a manticore upon a Sia Christmas CD. A few days ago Someone finally downloaded it (the CD not the manticore) into the home computer just in time for the pending holidays. The manticore looks odd without its usual platform and I am tempted to place a coaster underneath it for the sake of decorum. There is no lack of coasters from which to choose. One would think we are a couple of dipsomaniacs as there is a set of such in every room. This is to counteract The Cup Fairies who tend to leave cups all over.

The set in the office consists of four square coasters of a photo of Ron T, Someone, and I at a blogger convention. We are dressed in civil war uniforms. As coasters go they are a bit of a bust, as the condensed water from the drinks sits on them rather than be absorbed. They are more decorative than useful – the coasters, not Ron T and Someone.

The bedroom coasters are round cardboard items from Pappadeux Restaurant, which specialized in creole food from New Orleans. We used to go there with The Lovely Neighbor and her mother.  I don’t think the place is open anymore, another victim of covid19.

In the drawer with the decks of playing cards is a set of bierdeckels which I collected on a trip through Germany and Austria back in the 80s. They don’t lie flat anymore having absorbed countless drinks’ moisture.  I suspect if I did some research I could recreate my journey durch Deutschland as breweries were ‘local’. You drank this bier in this town and some other type in the next.

There are a few coasters from “The Red Hawk” bar and grill in Ann Arbor – I wonder if is still around? * I don’t remember the details of the place other than it used to be a bookstore. I miss living in Ann Arbor; it was a fine town full of the arts and activities and no frothing-at-the-mouth right-wing types. Having a brew (beer or iced tea) resting on a Red Hawk coaster brings it all back.

I inherited from Mother four clay coasters decorated with pink hibiscus flowers. I don’t recall her ever using them. When it comes to absorbency they beat the Ron T/Someone/Urs Truly coasters by a country mile but they don’t go so well with office. Perhaps I will use them to make a little throne for the manticore. I hope he isn’t allergic to pollen.

*I just looked – yes !