Every day in October I draw a single tarot card for a meditation. This morning I drew The Fool. In most decks The Fool looks like a Court Jester or a vacuous youth about to walk off a cliff. In the Halloween deck The Fool is a clown. Urs Truly doesn’t like clowns. Even as a boy I didn’t find them funny but they gave me creeps. Apparently many feel likewise. There are scores of papers on the wherefores of the dislike of clowns or the anxiety they elicit. It wasn’t too long ago the U.S.A. was in a ‘clown craze’  combining good-old Yankee paranoia of the other with collective childhood clown-based traumas into a mass hysteria about seeing direful clowns out and about after children and white women. The clown craze died out and was replaced by illegal aliens but the legitimate clowns were left with a bad reputation from which they aren’t likely to recover.

I feel sorry for the poor sods. I once had a patient who was a clown. He took his ‘art’ (as he called it) quite seriously. He lamented his unemployment (no one would hire him) and his fear to go out of doors ‘in face’ lest half dozen housewives call the cops on him. I was glad he never showed up dressed as a clown or asked me to look at his profile on line as it would be ticklish to dodge the truth I find clowns creepy.

I wonder what today will be like under the auspices of The Fool A.K.A. as The Clown. Usually this card means folly or unconventionality or both. Perhaps the card portends one of my new patients will have a lot of ‘clown’ energy to him/her.

Funny it think this Halloween I am likely to get kiddies dressed in violent and bloody costumes but not as clowns – that’s too scary and tasteless.