This one was inspired and written after baking an apple cake that didn’t come out right.

Is there the culinary equivalent of a ‘green thumb’? More important: is there a ‘black thumb’ when it comes to cooking?  After months of at-home cooking I fear I am not a good cook. I hold on to hope I am an opsimath and not a lost cause. I keep my fingers crossed that people are not born to be bakers but with practice can become such.

Yesterday I made an apple cake – my ‘first’. It was a flop: it came out with its middle hardly cooked. After every flop I do a systems analysis of what went wrong. I used the wrong pan indicated in the recipe and the apples perhaps were not ‘cooking types’.  I suspect I can make a better one. My rice and bread attempts are still not ‘good’ but they are improving. One problem I have is I like to try new things rather than stick with old favorites. It’s like always playing the piano with new pieces rather than sticking with the same etude until it is right.

Poor Someone. When I plop down a dinner and start to list a catalog of short comings about the dish his Midwestern upbringing kicks in to try to say something along the line of ‘oh no it’s fine as it is’ but often he cannot do this. 

Recently I wrote about my friend Rita and her list of accomplishments she was damned determine to do.  Cooking remains on my list.  Probably to Someone’s chagrin I insist on doing most of the cooking nowadays as how else am I to improve?  

I have mixed feelings about cooking shows and YouTube videos on ‘how to make X” as my “X” never comes out as well. Last week I made butternut squash cordon bleu. The ones on ‘Foodwish’ looked lovely while mine looked like it had been left out on the counter too long. Someone thought it tasty enough though. I made mental notes to use less salt and cook the squash a bit longer.  It is another work in progress. 

Perhaps cooking like Life is a journey not a destination.  While I am seldom satisfied by my endeavors it is fun to keep trying.