I still do not have anything profound to write so here are some random thoughts written in-between the no-shows.

Yesterday the weather changed. After six months of ardent heat and continuous AC the temperature plunged going from 37C down to 10C and below.  Now it is cold enough to keep the windows closed lest the gelid air seeps in and turns us into popsicle sticks. This morning I had to wear long pants and sweatshirt on our dog walks.* While I welcome the break in the heat it would have been nice to have a transition time. Hallowe’en will have a chilly note to it as it should be.

Speaking of Hallowe’en The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections sent out their usual end-of-October memo announcing they are keeping the gates of Heorot Johnsons closed this Saturday as they ‘don’t do Samhain’. There are a few reasons for this. First of all they are snobs: they look down on anything Celtic as low-brow and low-class. Another reason is they are stingy. They prefer that people give them treats and they dislike giving out anything. Superstition is the main matter. If there are ghosts and hob-thrusts* about that night they do not want their hallowed halls haunted. They have enough imaginary and mythical entities running about the place already. My doors will be quite open for the like. Like a democratic drawbridge I go down for everybody provided they first wipe their feet.

My bloodwork came back and it is amazingly good considering I haven’t had any exercise for six months and my diet isn’t stellar. Mark Twain once said frequent scotches make a great preventative of ailments. I think Mr. Twain said this. I strongly suspect most of the aphorisms contributed to Sam Clemens are bogus. Checking the internet is of course no use as it is as trusty as news sites on Facebook.

Getting back to the blood work for a moment ….. I am running a bit anemic again.  I should get back on the multivitamins designed for ‘working girls over fifty” as these sorts of supplements have iron in them. These tasty nostrums often contain funny sounding supplements to help with menopause symptoms of which I have only a few.

That woofy tech consultant at work did a diagnostic on my work computer. The office PC has been running slow lately and it is quite irksome. It turns out the problem is not a virus, or possession by hob-thrusts, or bad settings, or (worse) operation error. It is merely an old computer that is being asked to do too many things at once. He made the metaphor of trying to do too much work on a small desk top. I wrote The Bosses (both well over four feet) I want a new computer. One of them responded I will soon be asking for more gruel, but she would pass on the request to The House Manager. Fingers crossed.



*It was ghastly.

**A hob-thrust is variety of goblin in English folklore known for playing jokes and pranks. They often assist the servants with the morning matter – but in a state of nudity.  I tried to locate an image to place but I am at work.