The freezer in the kitchen is a large silver drawer located below the refrigerator. There is another freezer in the laundry room next to the washer and the dryer. That one is a large white square box with a flip-up top also with a pull out drawer down below. Both freezers are fairly capacious – so why on earth does it always feel like there is no room to put things away in the freezer? A quick systems analysis reveals several factors:

Ice cube trays. Presently there are several. There is a blue rubber six-pack type used to make large square cubes for the cocktails. There is also two plastic globe ‘cubes’ also for cocktails. A shallow green rubber tray makes ice cubes in the shape of palm trees, which is now filled with lemon juice for when one needs such for cooking. This week these are joined by yet another tray of three skull ice cubes now a-chilling for Halloween. Next to this lot is the large tub which holds the bourgeois everyday ice cubes. Small wonder there is space for much else.

Underneath are the many frozen food items which have fallen into the black hole that is the freezer. Things go in but then they are forgotten. 

The large freezer in the washroom is full up with Tupperware container no one remembers what’s in them as their frozen sides all look alike at least enough to make them indistinguishable from each other. These are lost underneath the boxes of frozen fish sticks and think crust pizzas. I think there is a turkey in there. 

The lower draw of the laundry room freeze if full from the two tubs for the ice cream maker which we use maybe once a year. 

This is madness and in need of a tidy-up.

The first to go are the ice cream tubs. 

The second task is to take inventory of half-used bags of frozen vegetables and work them into something. Perhaps I can persuade Someone to make a chicken pot pie with an emphasis on peas and carrots. 

Then comes the most important step: pull out the mystery containers one at a time and thaw them and eat them. This should be fun like one of those contests where you guess what day and time the car on the pond falls through the ice. 

Nothing new goes into the freezer now without labels including the date of entry. 

I am keeping the ice cube trays.

What’s in your freezer? Can you identify all the contents? Is there ‘turnover”?