Someone sometimes sends me emails with links to articles he thinks I may find interesting.  Today he sent  one linked to a newspaper article, adding the a simple editorial: 

The New York Time says we should all be more like you. 

I was struck speechless by this complimentary thunderbolt. It stopped me in my tracks I forget to read the article* to ponder the what-if scenario if we were indeed all more like myself.  I am normally against homogenous and procrustean societies but the mind boggles at a world in which everyone is well over four feet and such.

First of all, vast aspects of the nation’s economy would go to pot from neglect. The sports and beef industry would be the first to fall, followed by the bankruptcy of the television industry.  The Kardasians and and the Las Vegas barons would be in dry crusts from lack of attendance and interest. I suppose the stadiums could be converted into community theaters to accommodate all the productions of Strauss operas** now necessary to appease the millions of new concert lovers. 

Most people like it when their tastes are shared by others but not by too many then you cannot get any yourself. While there would be a surge in loud colorful fashion there would be a severe shortage of whisky and gummi bears. That ain’t good!

It would be good thing indeed if the world was more like me that we would be more sensible about vital matters like recycling, global warming, and returning grocery carts to their proper bins.  We would turn the world into one family striving towards personal growth, good manners, and proper cheese plates no rubbish.

On the other hand  there would be negatives. I don’t think there would be enough room for us in all the used book stores and the dames of the world would feel a bit deprived if you get my meaning if you catch my drift.  

So despite Someone’s thoughtful comment it is best we all just be who we are provided we don’t try to convert or destroy the others not like ourselves.  This way there is healthy diversity and I can get my favorite bourbons without fuss. 

* I think the NYC article was about continuing with proper covid19 procedures and precautions, including shunning dirty places like gyms, restaurants, and Facebook. 


**Salome especially.