I suppose a lot of people are itching for some comfort or cheer this year and have moved everything up. At La Casa de Spo the tree is erected on 12/15, which is Someone’s birthday. Between Thanksgiving and the feast of day of his nativity I like an Advent wreath only and Christmas can wait its bloody turn.

I will start somethings earlier than that. Brother #3 (the dear!) sent me a delicious Advent calendar of 25 days of hot sauces.  I shall be ho-ho-ho-ing a lot this holiday season.  The 13 Yule lad ornaments (along with  Jolakoetturinn the Yule Cat)  will being making their debut one by one correlated to the night each ones arrives. I think this starts about 12/12 – I need to check.

I stopped by Heorot Johnsons the other day to drop off paperwork and some road kill to discover the halls bedecked for the holidays. I was surprised by this. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections has strict rules no Yule stuff before Thanksgiving lest the gods become angry and/or the HOA writes a letter. I was a little peeved to see this: the great boughs of pine, the yule logs ,and the boars heads stuck on spikes (the traditional trimmings at Yule time). I don’t haul out the holly prior to Turkey Day. Last week when walking the dog we noticed a tree was already up at one of the neighbors – and the political lawn signs had not yet been taken down! Oh the horror.

At work the patients convey they are ‘keeping it sweet’ this holiday season by not trying to drive and fly all over creation like Odin Claus obliging the relations to be in three places at once at Christmas.  Overall they are not so disappointed  but relieved they have an excuse to blow off the in-laws and the obnoxious uncles and aunts.

With that said I am itching to play me some Christmas music. Thanks to the generosity of my friends’ offer to pillage their CD s I have a half dozen of new CDS of Christmas music.* Unlike TBDHSR I will hold off until next week Friday.


Spo- fans: when do you usually decorate and are your holiday plans altered this year?

When do you put up your tree?

Does anyone else decorate the halls with boars heads on spikes? 



*These are nearly all ‘classical” recordings, but Linda Eder somehow got into the pile. I didn’t know Ms Eder had a Christmas album. I hope she doesn’t shout too much.