Yesterday Friday felt like Saturday as we did many Saturday chores. As a consequence this morning feels like a Sunday when I try to do little or nothing. Sunday is my day to write non-sequitur Spo-bits so here it is a day early.  Spo

Yesterday I made stock from the carcass which seemed to go OK but this morning I took it out of the fridge to skim off the fat the whole thing was a gelatinous mass, a sort of ‘fatberg”. Disgusting. I wonder what went wrong. Maybe it’s possible to warm it and melt it back into liquid form but my first thought is to toss the nasty looking thing as an experiment gone wrong. 

We have a lot of leftover meat which will be made into a stew and a pot pie.  Today is cooking such. 

Many homes in the neighborhood have already put up Christmas lights. A block away from me on another street is a house notorious for its over-the-top decorations that light up the district like a Carnival Cruise ship. Yesterday on our dog walk we saw the owner outside still setting things up suggesting this year’s spectacle should be more foudroyant than usual if that is possible. I wonder what his immediate neighbors think of it.

My outside decorations pale by comparison to the whorehouse productions surrounding me. Last night the two white lights on either side of the garage door were exchanged for green and red. I made sure the green one was on the starboard side as one leaves port A.K.A. the garage. We haven’t put out lights in years; if I can them (and they work) I may put up some strands. Nothing mars the Christmas spirit more than trying to untangle Christmas lights. Bah Humbug. 

Who knew masks would still be needed by year’s end?  It is a tragedy this is so. It is an ill wind that blows nobody good; it gives me an out to get out remnants of Christmas fabric and make me some masks apropos of the Christmas season. 

The one with the stars comes from fabric I used to make the Christmas tree skirt. 

I love holly and now I get to wear some. 

The blue mask was made from a runner made fifteen years ago when I was learning how to sew and it didn’t turn out so good.  I wonder if anyone will call me a snowflake when I wear it. 

The Grinch mask was made from the fabric used to make a Spo-shirt so now I have mask and shirt to match.  It is my favorite of the four. 



*Fat chance of that.  I should go into the office for a few hours, as is my wont on Saturday mornings, to do some paperwork.