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I had a brilliant idea for a blog entry but I can not remember it now. Funny that I don’t write these things down on a list as I make lists for everything else. In the psychoanalysis of dream work I assure patients frustrated they cannot remember a certain dream they think important this is not a worry. If it was important enough it will return until you ‘get it’. I hope this is the case with possible blog ideas. Writing for me must be similar to an improv actor being told a topic and to go with it. Unfortunately, my instructors are a bunch of fictional archetypes and not reliable in providing ideas. Happily Mr. Penguin (the dear!) came to the rescue. He is better than The Muses and The Skanks combined although he charges more.

Over at his place the good Travel Penguin Esq. recently posted about the joys of upbeat Christmas songs and he can have them. Last night I heard for the first time the Christmas music of “Sia” given to me last year at Christmas time. Ms. Sia has the sense not to do traditional tunes but her own songs; each one is more upbeat than the other. Oh the pain. I wonder if her jolly tunes is what caused the water heater to crack in the night.*

In my youth I enjoyed happy-holiday-hohoho tunes. “Deck the halls” was #1 on my Christmas hit-parade. Alas, Babylon! Public recorded holiday music tends to cut out the quiet carols for songs sounding like they were all written and performed by Ann Miller. Nonstop exposure to such in the hallways at work (as ‘white noise”) has resulted in a mild case of PTSD to hear such ditties. 2020’s cup of wassail could use some sweetener so I am slowly reclaiming them for the sake of the season. It isn’t easy. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” may be the biggest challenge as no one is having gay happy meetings these days, or ought not to be.

I think I will try some exposure therapy which consists of small amounts of “Jingle Bells Rock” and “Rocking around the Christmas tree” while practicing deep breathing and guided imagery. I will slowly build up to The Lennon Sisters “Winter Wonderland”.

I will stop at Mariah Carey singing you-know-what. Sooner I’d eat rats at Tewkesbury on that one.

Spo-fans: what Christmas carol is so loathsome you would sooner eat rats at Tewkesbury than hear it?


*This is what science calls ‘correlation not causation’. I still think there is something to it.

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