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Giljagaur – Gully Gawk

The second Yule Lad gets his name from the fact he likes to hide in gullies for a chance to sneak into the barn when no one is looking to slurp off the top of the buckets of fresh cow’s milk. Like his brother before him (the one with hankering for sheep’s milk) GG was probably weaned too early.  I wonder if his Yule treats are milk-based such as milk chocolates.  I put out my shoes last night but I got nothing, not even a rotten potato or a Swedish fish. I hope for better luck this evening.

Saturday night Someone and I had a chin-wag with some buddies on the zoom. I surprised him with a carrot cake (his favorite) with “Happy Birthday” written on it. I think he was pleased I did something despite his protestations he didn’t want anything. For the occasion Imade a batch of “Santa’s Pole” a cocktail consisting of vodka, peppermint schnapps, 7-up, and a splash of Hawaiian Punch. We didn’t have any punch so I used some of Someone’s red-coloured sports drink and this worked fine. 

I was on Face Time, telephone, texts, and smoke signals pinning down what the niblings would like for Christmas. It turns out “Mandelorian” action figures are top of everyone’s wish list but these cannot be bought for love or money. I’m afraid they are getting books which I hope is not too fuddy-duddy. As a boy, books were something I always wanted (besides the pony).  Christmas afternoons were spent lost in a book by the Christmas tree.*  I just sent out my Secret Santa wish list which included 3-4 books I would like receiving. Someone the Rationalist reminds me I have heaps of yet-to-be-read books and I don’t need more. Pish-posh I say to that approach. One can never have too many books, right? Thanks to non-living, this I’ve read nearly 50 books, which is more than the last five years combined.   

Maybe Mr. Gilaguar will bring me a book tonight that would be nice. Let’s see. 




*Speaking of Iceland did you know it is a long time tradition there every child receive a book at Christmas time?  


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