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December 16

Pottaskefill – Pot Scraper

Pot Scraper (#5) is the second in a run of three Troll-lads who like sneak into the kitchens and slobber the kitchenware. Since Spoon Licker licked all the spoons last night, on the eve of the sixteenth of December Pot Scraper shows up and attends to the pots that have not been washed and licks the food remains in the pots. I hope he does this after, not during, the meal preparations. 

A blogger buddy (thank you Linda!) asked what are/were some of the traditions I have at Christmas.  Here are few: 

Birthday Cake –  Mother always had a birthday cake on Christmas Eve for Baby Jesus. I don’t recall we actually sang and blew out any candles (after all it was not our birthday). I carry on this tradition by having some sort of cake for small chocolate cone*. This year I ordered a Yule Log to go along with the 2020 theme of all things “Yule”: Yule Lads; Yule Cat: Yule everything else.

Beer and pretzels vs. Cookies and milk –  One year Father suggested rather than leave out the usual milk and cookies for Santa we should leave a bowl of pretzels with a beer.  We children were dubious lest Santa be outraged and give us lumps of coal. Dad assured us Santa would be delighted to have a break from the cookies. Mother was shocked, which tipped the scales in trying it. That year we got a splendid ‘thank you for the treats’ Christmas prize consisting of a Joe Namath popcorn popper. It was beer and pretzels from then on until the younger brothers came along and wanted milk and cookies again.

Scrambled eggs on Christmas morning – This tradition probably started when I wanted scrambled eggs on a Christmas morning so I made some myself and for the family and it continued.  Every Christmas I remember Urs Truly was in charge of making a scrambled eggs-based breakfast on Christmas morning.  Nowadays when my brothers makes their own they call to tell me they thought of me as they made their breakfasts. Sometimes they say theirs are not as good as I how made them, which is total tosh but a nice thing to say. Someone does not like eggs but he eats some for my sake and the sake of the day on Christmas morning.

Mix tapes – While we emptied our stockings and opened our prizes Father turned on the radio for tasteful Christmas carol background music. While he did this, he recorded it on cassette tapes. He did this for decades. I don’t remember he actually played them. They are probably all alike. When we closed the house down this summer I took them. I wish I had a way to play them or better yet convert them to the computer so I may hear them again and remember. Does anyone know of a ‘tape to computer’ contraption?

Crab dip** – Mother made this on Christmas day afternoon to go along with the nibbles prior to serving dinner. It was spread onto crackers. The dip wasn’t made any other time of the year. I don’t know how/why this recipe became synonymous with Christmas day but there it is.

Grasshopper pie – another Spo Christmas tradition. It was very sweet so I did not care of it as much as the others. The adults always ate theirs with coffee. I had my slice with a cup of tea. Brother #3, also a tea-fancier, shared a pot with me. It was always oolong tea,  ‘gunpowder’ type, which is not my favorite and frankly not as compatible with grasshopper pie as would a stronger type of tea, but hey it was Christmas and that’s what we drank. To this day whenever I drink oolong think of my brother.

*Another Spo-tradition is to call all desserts “Small Chocolate Cone”. I wrote about this once a upon a time. It is similar to the British asking what is for ‘pudding’.

**Recipe upon request. It isn’t complicated or ‘gourmet’ but it was infused with motherly love and holiday spirit; it tasted like Christmas.

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