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December 17th

Askasleikir – Bowl Licker

The next Yule Lad keeps in the theme of ‘thems that lick things”. Fry pans, pots, and spoons are ‘covered’ so that leaves bowls. Once upon a time, Icelanders ate from wooden bowls with a hinged-lid that were sometimes kept under the bed after a night snack. Bowl Licker likes to hide under the bed, and when someone puts their bowl on the floor he’ll grab it and lick it clean. I smell a rat on this one. I doubt modern Icelanders have wooden bowls with lids, so what’s #6 to do?  A found an article on the Icelandair website that advises “today any old IKEA bowl will do” which doesn’t sound much better in my opinion.

Speaking of licking bowls and spoons, I have a hankering to make some Christmas cookies. I won’t have the time to make many so I’ve decided this year to start with a single recipe. The cookie recipe must not be just ‘any old usual’ type (oatmeal, sugar, chocolate chip etc.) but something special or unique. I want tradition attached to it, not just something read online or out of a cookbook. Yesterday on Facebook I asked my friends and relations to send me a recipe of a family favorite. I would pick one, and think of the person who provided the recipe.

As of this morning I’ve received over three dozen recipes. People were enthused to share their treasured recipes. The givers were quite excited to share their family favorites each one full up with memories of Christmas. It makes me smile to think on these recipes loaded with love. Unable to pick just one, I may have to draw one out of a hat and keep the others for later. Or I may break down and make more than one after all.

This should create plenty of dirty pots and pans and spoons to keep the Yule Lads happy.


Spo-fans – if you too have a family favorite Christmas cookie please leave it in the comments or sent it via email  I would love to read it and hopefully someday make it. If yours is chosen I promise to always think of you when I make it. 

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