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December 18th

Hurðaskellir – Door Slammer

Until now The Yule Lads have been silent types who sneak about quietly hoping to be unnoticed. Today December 18th that changes since that’s when Door Slammer arrives. Lacking a prehensile tongue he likes making a lot of noise for his favorite activity is slamming doors, making sure no one in the household gets a good night’s sleep. Perhaps there is some poltergeist genes in the family tree and he got more than his brothers. It is hard to imagine him rewarding good children with treats in the shoes. Perhaps he provides pop rocks or crunchy munchies. 

I am feeling better about Christmas. My shopping is done but for one or two errands to run and do this weekend.  Someone stayed home yesterday, waiting for the AC man, or somebody like him. The fellow showed up late of course, but it gave Someone time to set up some of the Christmas trimmings. The house is starting to look festive.

I am zeroing on to the provisional menus for Christmas Eve and Day. This year I plan to do a lot of cooking. I say if you cannot have tradition, have an adventure.

A blogger buddy (thanks Walter!) gave me the idea of having fondue. Somewhere in the kitchen stuffed in a cupboard where Pot Licker can not reach sits a fondue pot with matching forks each with a different coloured handle. We’ve used it maybe 2-3x in twenty years and would n’t be nice to get it out and use it at Christmas time. Jolly good fun!  After all, hot cheesy sauce is the food of the gods, or at least the demi-gods. Fondue seems apropos for my mania for having a Nordic-Christmas.* Someone is not too fond of cheese so this may be a hard-sell.  If he doesn’t come up with an alternative, fondue may be a Tom-spo item. 

My cookbook collection has a book solely for fondue. I plan to get it down and have a look-see at the recipes. It blows my mind there are so many varieties of hot melted cheese concoctions, but there it is. The guilt of consuming hot melted cheese is off-set by use of wholesome vegetables. I may use shrimp or salami. It doesn’t matter really as everything tastes better when dipped in cheese doesn’t it.

Yes the more I write the more I am leaning towards a proper Swedish fondue no rubbish.  I want the fondue fork with the red knob as it matches my eyes. 



*I think fondue is of Scandinavian origin but I am not certain. I’ve heard tell nations actually fight over who invented it. This is rawther sweet in a funny way. 

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