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December 20th

Bjúgnakrækir – Sausage Swiper

December 20th marks the appearance of Sausage Swiper. As you may guess from his name, he’s a big fan of the sausages. He lurks about or sits up in rafters waiting for the opportunity to snatch a few piggies. I would think missing links would be more infuriating to the average Icelander than licked utensils. Speaking of pork, It is traditional at La Casa de Spo to have sausage patties on Christmas morning; it is the only time of the year I have any really. This year’s sausage is going into a breakfast casserole I am trying. Hands off Mr. Swiper thank you very much.

By now La Casa de Spo if getting full with Nordic trolls, fairies, and demonic cats; there isn’t room for many more. Yesterday these three fine lads arrived on our doorstep. They are in from Sweden and they are staying through the holidays.  I’ve learned their names are Lars, Sven, and Irving.  They are well under four feet. I looked them up in The observer’s guide to fairies: they are Tomte. Tomte help around the house which is much appreciated as there’s work to be done. There is one condition: they better get some porridge with butter on Christmas Eve or there will be ructions. 

I’ve narrowed the cookies down to two types: Molasses and Mexican Wedding. The former (from Cooks Illustrated) has precise cooking instructions to make them oh-so-proper. The latter cookie was the ‘winning entry’ drawn from my nearest and dearest who sent me recipes.   Happily, Tomte and Yule Lads don’t go for cookies so these should survive uneaten until Christmas Eve when we eat them. As for Santa (yet another Nordic!) we don’t put out for the jolly old elf milk with cookies but scotch and soda crackers. He may be mythical but he is a grown up. 

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