Gluggagægir – Window Peeper

December 21st is when Window Peeper visits. While not as greedy as some of his brothers, Window Peeper still provides a fright. He peeps through the windows in search of something to steal. I cannot determine if he is better or worse. Slobbering the utensils is gross but petty theft really stings. I wonder if after he leaves treats in the shoes he swipes some of the knickknacks on the way out. I’ve never seen a troll with glasses; perhaps centuries of squinting through windows have marred his vision. If so, serves him right. 

I just paused to read my 2019 winter solstice entry; it had such hopes of the new year. The Stoics made a distinction between ‘stupid hope’ and the type of hope that is resiliency. I am not feeling jolly good about 2021. Bad things will no doubt happen and they may be things as shocking/surprising as the ones in 2020. All the same, with resiliency we will persevere as we did this year and every year.