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Happy Christmas !

I woke this morning to pouring rain which is a sort of Christmas miracle. More miraculous was I was still here. I hadn’t received any new clothes, I didn’t put out porridge last night, and I haven’t been particularly nice, so I expected to be carried off in the night by a Christmas cabal consisting of The Yule Cat, The Tomtes, The Krampus, The 13 Yule lads, and an indignant Kris Kringle – but it didn’t happen. I suspect I was saved from the sparagmos by the electrical knife I received from two elves living in PA (thanks AM and Todd!) who are high up in hierarchy at Santa’s work shop. The talisman must have scared them away. 

This morning Someone and I made little breakfast casseroles baked in Christmas ramekins, which we (I) consumed with ‘Constant Comment’ the official tea at Christmas.  Afterwards we had a Facetime family get-together with the Spos back in Michigan. They got snow last night making all merry and white. 

Afterwards we exchanged prizes. I gave Someone some Bombas socks (he likes socks) saving him from Icelandic man-eating pussy-cats. I didn’t get those cha-cha heels (again) but several nice prizes, my favorite being a wooden cutting board on which to practice my cooking. I also got a tape-cassette player to translate tapes into the computer. How strange it will be to hear things not heard since the 80s. 

We are lying down now as we are rawther exhausted. 

After our Christmas nap I will steam the purchased plum pudding and make me some hard sauce, the recipe sent curtesy of a beloved Spo-fan (thanks BadnoteB!) 

Happy Christmas to all! 

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