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Today is Boxing Day, which has always amused and puzzled me as no one really knows how it started or what to do really or even why it is named so. Boxing Day 2020 has the distinction of having the dinner I planned for Christmas Eve: planked salmon; Brussel sprouts with bacon in a maple/mustard sauce; rose potatoes; hummers for small chocolate cone.

For Christmas I asked for a tape cassette-to-computer device, which Someone believed he purchased, but it turned out to be a CD-to-computer device rather. He insists we go this morning to Best Buy to exchange it. Going to any store the day after Christmas sounds almost as bad as Black Friday shopping. I suppose while we are out and about I should stop by Barnes & Noble for the annual purchases of calendars and a blank journal.  This week calendars are cheap; they are practically giving them away. As for blank journals, the pickings get slimmer with every passing year. Apparently few folks write in longhand anymore. 

After the store-stops I plan on making molasses cookies. I’ve never made molasses cookies. Like the dinner the cookies were postponed to quieter times. I feel overdosed on sugar and the last thing I need is more, but dammit it’s Christmas and I’ve been planning these cookies for months. Cook Illustrated assures me their recipe* is the proper recipe and my soul will swoon with the results. Since I have no reference this may not be so obvious. 

*Cooks Illustrated spends an entire page explaining their trial and error attempts to get these sorts of cookie just right. The recipe has the most precise instructions to mixing sequences and times. One gets the notion if these are not precisely followed it will be a disaster and Mary Berry and all the angels will weep at your lackluster cookies. Oh the horror. 

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