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Happy new year my darlings ! 

2021 couldn’t have arrived with any less luster. Someone fell asleep about 930 PM without so much as a sign-off. I tried to stay up by reading only to become so engrossed in my book I forgot to watch the ball drop in Times Square. I am not sure it actually happened. I must have dropped off myself about 1030 PM local time only to wake to fireworks at proper midnight. I said a prayer of thanksgiving to whoever may be listening and fell back to sleep. I remembered to say “rabbit” as the last word of the old years and “rabbit” again as the first word of the new.  My brothers and I have done this since our childhoods, and while I do not know its efficacy to bring good luck, it makes me always think of my brothers. 

Speaking of New Year superstitions this morning I made a passing reference to black-eyed peas. This made Someone sit up from his half-listening into a gummy panic he hadn’t bought any beans and it was now too late to soak any.  We had an early run to Uncle Albertsons who had a few tins of pre-cooked beans left on the shelves. At lunch he made Hopping John which we ate with relish and ill luck was diverted. I tactfully didn’t point out we did this on 1/1/2020 and look how that turned out. 

As is my wont on the first day of the year I weighed myself and checked our savings accounts and finally the number of visitors to Spo-reflections.  To my amazement I hadn’t gained any weight in 2020.  Another surprise: we did well financially. As for Spo-reflections this day it has over 1,800,000 visitors,  many of them well over four feet and lots were new-comers.  This feels more cheery than the weight and the money matters. 

My one card tarot for 2021 is the four of wands, portending groovy times overall. Let us hope so. Not just for myself but for everyone. 

See you in the new year. Hugs and OXOX.

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