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Greetings from Michigan, Land of Perpetual Snow and Ice.  

I was dreading the necessary airport experience but this went OK. There was only one @hole: a man a few rows up from me, wearing a Trump cap (no surprise) kept dropping his mask every time the airline attendant turned away after tell him to wear it. Curious, he spoke with a Russian accent. He seemed smug – until we landed. The attempted coup happened while we were in flight. As we picked up our luggage he didn’t look so jolly then.  May he and his sort get their comeuppance.    

I am attending to Father and his needs. He’s grateful for my being here but he tends to become impatient with my attempts to figure out how to do things. He’s quick to say ‘oh let’s get Bill (Brother #3) to do this”.  This is NOT the goal but to give B#3 a much-needed break. Yesterday I drove Father to his dentist appointment without disaster. Yesterday was the closing of the family house of forty-four years. He was greatly relieved to have done both. While helping him find his papers (for he is blind) I found my original birth-certificate. Mother said I was found under a cabbage leaf. My whole life is based on a lie. 

Brother #3 et. al. have nine chickens and I am up to my oxters in fresh eggs. Every morning I fry me a few and serve them with toast made from bread from the local bakery. This is the breakfast of the gods, or at least the demi-gods. 

There are no lack of dogs to sleep with. I took this darling photo and sent it to Someone, who texted back Harper says I am a slut and not welcome back home/she’s changed the locks, so I must stay in the gray January of the Midwest and roost with the chickens. I don’t know where I will fit in the literal pecking order but I sense I am low-one on the totem pole as it were. At least I have fresh eggs. 

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