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I am back at work and life returns to its usual predictive self – temporarily. Who knows what sudden surprises await. I used to dislike surprises until I changed my thinking process to see them as the norm not the exception. Life IS the surprises; the obstacles are the path, not what gets in the way of the path. Some ancient grumpy dude* who talked too much said so and better than I but I get the gist as I hope you do as well.

There is nothing like a Monday after a few days off to make a pile of ‘to do’ things at work as high, mostly prescription renewals. By the end of the day they will be all done. Also by the end of the day I will have started my new at-home exercise programme. I’ve been boggled down initiating such as I’ve been wanting to establish what to do/what is right. In my tendency to want the ‘proper’ work out I am doing nothing Like the approach towards obstacles, I am changing this too: I will start something/anything and build on it through trial and error until I achieve a workable work out.  I was hoping to get a vaccine to return to the gym but it looks like things are bungled and who knows if/when I can get my shots.

While I was away Someone put away the Christmas tree and trimmings and the house has a bleakness to it worthy of January. The god Janus is a hard-noser; he (or is it they?) requests a month of meager meals meant for a monk. This starts this week as well as the exercise. Normally I am inspired by the anticipation of a February trip to Palm Springs, but this is not likely to happen.  Rather than a week off next month for gaiety and indolent living (cocktails included) we will probably shampoo the rugs which are in desperate need of cleaning. There’s a lot of other tasks that need doing about the place; I should make a list and get some things done.

I came back from Michigan with a small glass case so old I cannot remember when or how I got it. In it were a bunch of knick-knacks dating back to the 70s. Presently they are all enclosed in bubble-wrap so I don’t remember what they are. It will make a good “Curious things around the house” entry provided there isn’t anything embarrassing. I wonder what they are. Mercifully most of my memory of the 70s has been expunged. As a former child once said “It was hell”.  I will keep you posted.


*Seneca perhaps, or one of that crowd.

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