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“And you all know security is mortals’ greatest enemy” – MacBeth.

Yesterday I made a pot of soup, using this-and-that found in the fridge and in the pantry. There were vegetables near past their prime and some beans of questionable age in an unmarked glass jar. Someone had taken from the freezer some beef ‘to use somehow’. All this sounded like soup – but which one to make? After many months of learning to cook ‘the right way” I was challenged that my ingredients didn’t fit any specific recipe. So I did something I have never really done before: I made it up. I used ‘applied learning” to put things together, not following any particular recipe. You see where this is going: the soup was marvelous. I realized I had succumbed to – and in all places, the kitchen! – one of mankind’s biggest banes: the need to be certain. The soup had to be ‘proper’ and what I was doing was to be done ‘right”. 

I haven’t written about the horrible happenings in DC but I will say something now. I think these villains were mostly driven by the need to be certain about their beliefs. A belief is an answer to a question, and nowadays many are asking the questions (albeit not consciously, alas) who am I, who are we as a nation, and where are we going. When faced with the uncomfortable realization your belief is false or faulty it is so hard to admit to such and admit what I believed was not true and now what I am left with is uncertainty.

In times of doubt we often turn to narcissistic grandiose experts and leaders who tell us ‘I am certain; this is certain. Put your belief onto me and let me do your thinking for you and all your uncertainty will be appeased”.

History shows this never turns out well.

I don’t know if Life today really has any more uncertainty than in times before. It sure feels this way sometimes, but this may be merely the poison of social media. The truism remains the more we allow ourselves to live with uncertainty the less likely we will make a muck of things, hence the quotation from MacBeth.  

Today I have a sore throat, which may be allergies or covid19. There are three days to inauguration day. I have a legal matter at work. At 58 I don’t know where I am going.Yet, if a crystal ball in which to see the future was set before me I would run from it as if it were contagion. 

I am looking forward to my soup, which cannot be duplicated but I can make something just as good if not better the next time I try such. I make do with what I have, at the time I have it, and I won’t try to be so certain in the kitchen anymore. 

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