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I often listen to medical podcasts on the topic of cardiovascular disease, which are usually conducted by some great expert for the edification of other great experts in Internal medicine. The leitmotif humming through these lofty lectures is the ‘evil’ of carbohydrates, sometimes called ‘carbs” and often abbreviated as CHO. I remember too long ago it was fat that was the bogeyman of our existence and we were to avoid grease at all costs but nowadays it is carbohydrates. From what I get out of these talks, for all the damage CHOs do, we might as well be eating ground glass. Some carbs are more sinister than others (sugar and white flour) but all CHO seemed lumped into the common category of ‘bad for you”. Oh the horror.

This is a pity as I was pondering starting “Pasta Wednesday”, to go along with “Meatless Monday’, and “We-just-got-home-from-show-tunes-at-the-bar-and-are-too-tipsy/tired-to-cook-so-let’s-eat-what-we-can- quickly-microwave-Thursday”. If I could get away with it I would have some sort of pasta every day for I love it so. The shapes of pasta, multiplied by the toppings, equals an infinite number of ways to serve the stuff. Hot puppies! I have heaps of recipes aching to be made. Alas, Babylon! I have to limit myself to only now and then and not too much in a sitting. Stirges.

My Italian bestie Rita, A.K.A. Sweetie Darling, finds all this amusing on many levels. For her, ‘cutting carbs’ means using a pizza wheel.  No meal is complete without some pasta (and wine for that matter) but it was never the front and center as an entrée. Indeed, eating meatless pasta dishes is what you did at the end of the month when the money ran out to buy meat. For her, paying a lot of money for pasta makes no sense.

Getting back to the pasta shapes for a moment., I like long string-like pasta such as spaghetti and linguine, while Someone goes thick short types like rigatoni. Overall we don’t pay much attention to what toppings go with what type of pasta. I’ve learned is an absolute horror to a few folks I know. They have strict rules as to what sort of macaroni goes with the sauce, although I can never get a clear reason ‘why’ this is so. I am told if I dare order the wrong pasta type with the wrong topping people will think me an idiot and an object of suspicion. Oh the horror.

I think I will go ahead with “Pasta Wednesday” to the horror of all except Rita who promises to send me some super-good proper Italian recipes (no rubbish)  – provided I don’t substitute the pasta with the wrong type. In the recipes if I dare substitute the pasta type it will result in her having a heart attack. Perhaps that what is really behind all those medical lecture about the dangers of ‘too many  carbs’.


1- How often do you use pasta?

2- Do you have strict rules as to what sauce goes with what shape of pasta?

3-Do you have any scrumptious pasta recipe for my first run at “Pasta Wednesday”?




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