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Oh the horror! I just posted an entry replete with photographs and then when I went to edit it the contents disappeared like one a Samantha Steven’s relations. Now I am too peeved to try to recreate it right now. Perhaps later.

This morning feels like Christmas for me, but the sort when you wake up excited about getting that pony or cha-cha heels (black ones) but you are not certain if it is actually going to happen.

For four years I’ve been dealing with folks with depression and anxiety who resemble women trapped in a domestic violence relationship with a brute. I am curious to see if my patients will feel the same relief PTSD-types feel when the perpetrator is finally removed.  Better people than I have written about the vile actions of the past four years so I won’t say any more. It is hoped the nation isn’t so degenerate it is beyond repair. Let us hope so.

In the future if I ever refer to that loser wannabe- dictator, I will use the sobriquet “Florida Man”.

Speaking of healing, I finally started exercising. Other than dog-walks I’ve done nothing for a year and I am quite out of shape. I started yesterday with a quick walk around the block and did some pushups and then some abdominal actions using a small wheel.  It isn’t much but it is a start. I hope to do something daily and hopefully by summer I will feel less of a ticking time-bomb for a coronary.

Someone works for the city of Phoenix, so he qualifies for the vaccine, lucky fellow. He gets his first shot in a few weeks. Arizona seems to have made a mess of things. The elderly/snowbirds have been clamoring for shots, and their howls resemble an orchestra of scorched cats. I sense it will be many months before my turn arises.

I will be working nonstop today so I will miss the swearing in but I am looking forward to the headlines “President Biden”. Wednesday – or Wotan’s day as The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections calls it, is the busiest day of the week. I am amazed how many Scandinavians speak English and so well. TBDHSR does a fair job in their enunciation (thems with most of their teeth do the best) but they can’t seem to get the names of modern days of the week right.  The tongue-tied dears declared today a holiday.  Heorot Hall is bedecked with party trimmings and fresh heads of road kill for what they are calling ‘The inauguration ball”.  If your invitation got lost in the carrier raven post, don’t feel bad. After reading my latest entries The Munificent Board composed a smorgasbord Jello-molds, pasta salads of suspicious substances, rats on toast, and rotten oranges. I have to be more careful what I write here.


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