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Today I made my first ‘over-the-ear’ masks (3)  instead of my usual ones I tie about my head in the style of Jacob Marley. This sixteenth Japanese design is perfect for going to sushi restaurants – which I haven’t done since last March. 

Someone regularly tests for covid19 and his recent test last week was again negative. When he tests negative, I suppose I am negative too. There is some erroneous presumption to this way of thinking. He gets his vaccine in early February.

Yesterday I made my first-ever marmalade. It was some job. I followed the recipe, but my intuition tells me this is didn’t literally gel. I find out soon. I should get some English muffins as there is nothing in the house upon which to spread such. The back up plan is if  failed-spread is runny it will be used as a topping for ice cream. 

Last weekend I did such as good job cleaning the master bedroom and bathroom it inspired me to tackle the formal living room. I dislike this room as we never use it. It is reserved for ‘formal entertaining’ for our gentleman callers. Like going to sushi restaurants, this never happens. Even when we had chums over we all congregated in the kitchen anway. The formal living room and its contents is a conglomerate of dust-collectors. It seems every time we’ve bought a house there have been too many rooms, some we never used. Next time I want to get a place with ‘just enough rooms’. 

I recently heard a story I thought I would share. A friend of Socrates went to The Oracle at Delphi and asked “Is there a man wiser than Socrates?“. Instead of getting the usual cryptic reply he was told “No”. When told this, this friend was amazed by the answer. Socrates spent his whole life emphasizing he knows nothing; we can’t know anything for certain. He investigated what The Oracle meant. What he came up with was other men know nothing, but the don’t know they know nothing. Socrates on the other hand knows nothing, but he knows he knows nothing -and that’s not nothing. So maybe that’s what made him wiser than others.     hohoho. 

*Made from grapefruit, of which I have plenty.

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