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I get up every day at 5AM (more or less). This gives me a few hours to myself before the work day begins or on weekends when Someone wakes.  This precious time is dear that I am by myself, things are quiet, and I get things done without distraction. So far I’ve set up my work day, I’ve attended to the dishes, and I started a load of laundry. Before the flood gates open at work at eight, I can do some writing. 

Mornings are when I like to write most. I’ve heard tell many writers did their writing early, either out of discipline or necessity (before their ‘day jobs’ started). That said, I often like to write at the end of the day to finish the day as it were.  The Muses et. al. either don’t have regular work hours or they live in a different time zone* that there’s no rhythm to when they pop by to plant an idea into my gulliver. This usually happens when I have no pen and paper to write ideas down, not when I am sitting at the screen waiting for inspiration. 

Sometimes my ‘have write something” is doubted by others in the household. After all, it is a hobby I am told. It is one thing to have to do a job but having to do a hobby makes no sense. True enough. The difference between rolling down grass hills (my other hobby) and blogging is I feel I really do have to write – regardless of the contents or quality. It feels as necessary as breathing. 

The daylight is enough now for me to put this down and take Harper for her morning walk. Work begins in less than an hour. I’ve done all the necessary ablutions to start the day right – and this includes writing something. Thank you for reading and being part of my morning.

Spo-fans: when do you like to write? Do you have a fixed time of the day to do so?  Do you feel a ‘need’ to write? 



*Somewhere in Eastern Europe, I imagine. 

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