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Here is three photos and some dribble to amuse you and make life generally less dull on a Tuesday morning.

All my covid19 masks are homemade using remnants of Spo-shirts. The fabric is cotton in gay colours, done in the ‘tie them around your head’ fashion. This was the only way to do them back when elastic could not be found for love or money.  I admit, they are a bit cumbersome to tie about the neck and face, and wearing one I look like the ghost of Jacob Marley. Someone prefers elastic over-the-ears ‘surgeon’ masks, of which he has heaps. They are dull colors of gray and blue and positively no fun. Now that  few folks are making their own anymore and elastic is available, I can modify my pattern.

This is my first attempt, using fabric apropos for Valentine’s Day. I don’t have the flat stretch elastic quite right, as it makes my ears go Yoda-like. This needs practice. I suppose I should cut down on the amount of fabric as it looks to cover my face. On the other hand, I got a big mouth and by being brightly bedecked Someone can easily spot me from afar in the supermarket.


When I drink coffee I like it strong, dark, and highly-charged, like my men. I also like to grind my own beans. I recently discovered The Spring-heeled Jack Coffee company.  As a boy, I was fascinated by the British legend of Spring-heeled Jack, who would bounce around England in an agitated state, breathing fire and jumping over walls and such. Who knew his demonic doings was all due to being over-caffeinated?  This week’s stash (recently arrived in the post) is “Old Scratch” and true to its promise my heart is doing flip-flops. I too am ready to jump over walls. It was no surprise to discover the demon roasts his beans in that infernal abyss called Ohio.

And the last one……

I also recently discovered the comic strip “Fowl Language”. It reminds me of ‘The Oatmeal’ but this one has ducks. I like ducks. At heart I am a quack.


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