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In Isaac Asimov’s “The Foundation Trilogy”, a mathematician/psychologist named Hari Seldon sets up a plan of preserving galactic civilization that spans a thousand years. He makes recordings of himself to appear to folks in the future; these appear at times he’s predicted will need his direct guidance. I think this a fascinating notion: premeditated posts ready to publish for times after one’s death. I have thought about doing this myself, viz. writing entries and scheduling them to pop up here after I am gone. What would I write? What would Spo-fans think to read something written after I am gone? Is this fancy too morbid to even consider doing so?

Apparently it is not uncommon for some of an author’s work to come to light after they die. One wonders if these dead writers would have been annoyed by this. I get the impression after he passed onto the east Tolkien’s relations pillaged his file cabinets looking for anything to feed the starving Ring-fans, prose half-baked J.R.R. probably didn’t think good enough to publish in his life time. Back in the 80s one of my favorite authors when was the late Roberston Davies, who seemed busier than ever after he was put six feet under.  Then there are the writers who gave instructions to burn it all after they died. Often these death-bed dictations were discarded and we have the fortune to have their industry.*

At any time I have several slightly started compositions in the WordPress drawer. I hate the thought The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections could get their grubby fingers on these and post them posthumously for all to wonder what on earth was I thinking. I guess if I want some control what gets published I best do it myself.  I am not usually a superstitious fellow, but there is a part of me that worries putting an “After my death” entry up for posting (say) for June 1, 2028 it will cause me to drop dead that year Memorial Day weekend.

I suppose I am deluding myself my scribblings will be persevered let alone read after I go. WordPress probably has a policy about dead people if you are one they take down your site. Maybe like the Emperor Claudius I should make a copy of my blog and place it in a box for Fate to deliver it onto some poor graduate student looking for a thesis.  Along with the tome I would leave strict instructions there is no more and please don’t go poking about the internet or in my junk drawer looking for tid-bits and drafts. This is hardly a Hari Seldon plan, but it may suffice.


*Or do we? I for one wouldn’t be grieved if the beneficiaries of Emily Dickenson had heeded her dying request to throw all her poetry into the fire after she died.

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