What a work week ! I’ve had little time to do anything else. While I was a-working the dryer became difficult.  Usually during a spin the trap develops an even film of lint and dog hair.  Lately the detritus goes anywhere but. After each load I have to wipe the door down with a tissue to remove the mess. The clothes are not coming out dry either. Something is awry. I suspect Nargles are behind it.  Rationalists in the house deduced the dryer was sending signals of its swan song. Someone called The Repairman (of somebody like him) only to discover the price of a consultation combined with the repairs would be as nearly much as a new machine. After all the dryer is over fifteen years old. Do let’s get us a new one, shiny and bright. So we did.

While waiting for our baby, Someone pulled from the wall the old jalopy to discover atherosclerosis in the air vent.  Apparently rain has been getting down the vent and settling like the “S” below the sink, mixing with countless loads of laundry lint to make a grunge worthy of the sewers of Paris. This Oldavi gorge was replete with coins (46 cents worth), sixteen plastic shirt collar tabs, and a few unidentified objects now in the Smithsonian museum.  Curiously what was NOT in the muck were countless missing socks that have gone missing over the years, supporting the theory the spinning of the dryer warps time and space to send items into another dimension, along with the my handkerchiefs.  

The new dryer is a king-size-titanic-unsinkable-molly brown device with lots of lovely settings of which I am clueless. The delivery man (who was well over four feet) gave us a manual to read.  I am still slogging through Anna Karenina and I don’t relish another lofty tome when all I want from a dryer is press the button and wait twenty minutes.  I am curious to see how well this new one warps time and space and what’s the coin return. 46 cents in 15 years isn’t much but I have hopes with the new dryer to get at least a dollar. I also have fingers crossed a few missing socks will return to this side of the wormhole.