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Spo-reflections is 15 years old today!

Can you imagine?

Who would have thought it?

I can not think of any other hobby of mine that has lasted this long. Fifteen years! Most of my interests only last a few years at most.* You could fill your bins with my discarded past times. Yet blogging marches on and my scribblings show no signs of slacking. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections is throwing me a quinceanera party, replete with roasted dead things and barrels of single malt mead. The dears! The guest list is right out of the Eddas. They even remembered to get me a pony! I politely declined this thoughtful gift on the grounds horse upsets my digestion.


It is marvelous to consider I’ve managed to make it to fifteen years. I often feel I am running out of steam and ideas but then something always comes up. The best part of blogging is the fellowship. I’ve encountered delightful blogger-buddies and Spo-fans through this endeavor, many of them well over four feet. Many I would like to call friends, although we have never met.


Every year I think to change the format or the style or the contents. Periodically I fancy replacing The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections with a group less truculent. Really though I am quite content with my blog is so I don’t expect any changes.

Blogging remains a marvelous party and I hope it continues for a long time. I hope you will come along with me.

Thank you all for reading and leaving comments; this means a lot to me.



Urs Truly: 15 year ago !


*From time to time I go back to them, whenever the interest arises. Presently I am in a revival of cryptic crossword puzzles.

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