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For four years I’ve managed not to touch a hot stove by asking thems with “Make America Great Again” caps the philosophical question: when was America great?  I’ve read when these sorts are asked thy usually reply ‘the 50s”, probably because this is as far back they know of American history. Another common answer is the time post-1776 although ‘why’ is not too clear other than it is romanticized to the point to make the Founding Fathers retch.  The propensity for oldsters to pine of those better years when they were young is as old as the pillars at Parthenon. Thems who lived in the 50s when asked when was America great didn’t say ‘now of course’ but tended to think America was great before The Great Depression. Thems in the late 1800s pined for pre-civil war times. I’ve read pre-revolutionary folks looked back to the alleged ‘golden days’ back in England. You get the picture. Take this further and we are all longing for Eden before the fall.

I am in my late 50s.  If I were to wear cap with “Make Spo Great Again”* when was that? When was my life ‘great’?  My first thought is to reply ‘the early 90s’. I was finally done with school (at 30yo!) and I was single and ready to roll. But no, the 90s were filled with health fears and dating drama and unhappiness at my first job. Maybe 2000-2005 was ‘great’. That’s when I moved to MI to start life with Someone in a city I loved (Ann Arbor) with a house I adored with lots of yard to grow my vegetables. Wait a minute, I was in difficult job then too, with a long daily commute. Maybe the early 80s was when Spo was greatest. I was in college and Life was ahead of me. No, I was messed up and had morbid fears of being ‘discovered’ and I was always anxious to about getting into medical school. Perhaps Spo-life was great when I was still living at home, dependent on my parents. Rubbish. I was closeted and bullied at school. Really, the further back I go the more ‘green’ I become. Oh the embarrassment. Sooner I’d eat rats at Tewkesbury than return to these immature states.

OK, I am no longer thin as in my 40s nor can I jump up and down. Guys don’t turn their heads anymore when I make an ingress at the bars or at the Palm Springs resorts. However I am far more wise and I no longer anguish (thank the gods!) about rubbish matters like what do people think of me or whom to date.

In summary, my life is already ‘great’  and I don’t have to make it again anything. It is OK as it is ,thank you very much, you rotten orange red cap types.



*Since the color red is now spoiled, I choose blue, Prussian or cobalt.

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