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The Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections are pleased as Punch to see a recent surge of comments. They are always one to find a cloud to every silver lining; they informed me my recent entries are ‘too lofty’ and if I want to write such stuff go try Pocket. Perhaps something ‘simple’ would be nice. Sam (the dear!) gave me an idea to write about simple pleasures.

What is a simple pleasure? I define it as something mawkish and trivial yet it elicits elation or better yet a quiet content feeling.  A simple pleasure is not extravagant, expensive, nor emotional – like my men. Indeed! It’s like homeopathy for the soul: the smaller the better.

Here are five, one for each of the prime senses.

Bath gel (smell). In the shower stand four tall black bottles of shower gel, each with its own colored cap: red for ‘fig’; yellow for ‘cedar’; green for ‘mint’; blue for ‘stone’.  A little dab goes into the palm and spread over the face for a momentary redolence of said content. ‘Which one shall I use today?’ I silently ask myself as I wait for the hot water to arrive.  How nice it is an aroma can go right into our brains to make a quiet elation of tranquility.

Sleeping attire (touch). I  make a point to change my clothes at the end of the day into ‘evening attire’ to associate this for bed time. This is a good thing to do. In the winter months, I sleep in X-large T-shirts, quite capacious. They are frayed from continual use.  The touch of these ragged old tops on my shoulders is soothing and helps me towards sleep. Often I wear the same one for a couple of nights. This gives them a slight ‘me’ aroma that is not unpleasant, an added bonus.

Humidifier (hearing). Also at this time of year I have a humidifier going at night. I don’t know if it does any real good at moisturizing the air, but the real benefit is its sound. How to describe it? It is an orchestra of a low continuous hum combined with a constant gurgling of water. The third element is the hiss of humid steam emanating from its top.  This puts me instantly to sleep.

Habanero (taste).  Let’s get out of the bedroom and go to the kitchen.  Next to the cooker stand the pepper grinder and salt shaker, but joining the dynamic duo is a canister of dried habanero. It gives a spicy kick to my cooking and makes all with a “southwest” taste.  I sprinkle some in nearly all my cooking, using it in place of salt.  Its ‘kick’ never fails to light up my palate in pleasure.

Spo-shirts (sight).   All my shirts are together on the lower rack.  Every time I enter the walk-in closet I see them. Nothing cheers me up as a vast array of bright color. Sometimes I run my fingers over their tops to add touch to the experience. I get to smile at the color and it feels good in the satisfaction of my industry.  I haven’t made a Spo-shirt in ages, as I’ve been making masks rather. I should do something about this.


As I said, there is nothing profound or spectacular about any of these things. They are merely a noise, a slight tang on the tongue, and a quick glimpse at a rainbow. All the same,  they invariably cheer me up. Such is the power of a simple pleasure.

Spo-fans: what sort of simple pleasures to you have? 





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