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It is Valentine’s Day tomorrow and there is a meme on Facebook I thought I would try here. Feel free to copy such a play along.

Where you first met:  Key West, Florida

How did you meet:  At ‘happy hour’ at the resort we were attending. He was on a business trip; I was on my annual winter holiday. Neither one of us was looking for such.

First date: There are conflicting stories of what happened and when it did it happen. It is like “Roshomon” without the subtitles. 

How many years together: we met in 1997. I had to get out the calculator. Patience above! 24 years!  

Age difference: Someone is older by seven years. 24 years ago it seemed more important. As we age the gap decreases in significance. 

Who was interested first: Oh, I was. I was a moonstruck idiot. 

Who is taller: I am, although we are both well over four feet. 

Most obnoxious in-laws: Someone has no relations while I have dozens and most of them have untreated ADHD. They all like to keep in touch with us. Someone should have asked a few logical questions before saying ‘yes’.

Who said “I Love you”first:  I did. 

Worst temper: Neither one of us is ill tempered. I get cross at times. When Someone is angry/upset he broods. However, he ‘lets it rip’ in the car towards obnoxious drivers. My eyes cross at such awful language. 

Most sensitive:  Someone.

Most annoying habit: He would say it is my not paying attention/not listening. As for his worse habit, Someone seems incapable at cleaning out the dryer lint trap. This is where I should have asked a few logical questions before saying ‘yes” 

Most forgiving:  We are both good at this. 

Loudest:  I have a voice once described as “Wagnerian, without the charms”. 

Who has the most useless facts: I win by a country mile. 

Funniest: I am. Do not dare to question this. 

Who wears the pants in the family: In all matters I defer to Someone. This makes for a happy marriage. 

Most stubborn:  Someone. 

Falls asleep first: Someone can fall asleep in less than five minutes, anytime and anywhere. Amazing. 

Most impatient: I am. 

Better driver: see “Who wears the pants in the family” response. 

Biggest neat freak: Ms. Kondo and I are one.  

Most social:  Urs Truly is constantly texting, calling, blogging, and reporting to Someone who doesn’t do any of these things. 

Least likely to remember to do what the other one asks him to do:

Three guesses. Oh the embarrassment. 

Most competitive: Neither one of us is so.

Best cook: I have surpassed Someone in all categories of cooking but chicken pot pie. 

Who is the handy-person: Someone is much better with his tools. The challenge is getting him to use them. I find a good way is to do so myself only to make a mess of it, obliging him to do it right in the first place.  

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